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Ma formation strass

Dental Bib/Towel Clips for Application of Dental Strass (1pcs)

Dental Bib/Towel Clips for Application of Dental Strass (1pcs)

Optimize the organization of your workspace with our Dental Bib Clips (Towel Holders), designed specifically for cosmetic dentistry professionals. These elegant and practical clips offer a hygienic solution for holding the patient's bib in place during the application of tooth gems, ensuring a clean and tidy working environment.


- Durable Material: Made from high-grade stainless steel and silicone, these forceps are designed to resist wear and corrosion.

- Efficient Locking System: Designed with a secure locking mechanism to ensure that the bib remains securely in place throughout the procedure.

- Optimal length: The length of the chain is perfectly designed to offer maximum flexibility without hindering either the patient or the professional.

- Elegant design: High-gloss finish and professional appearance to complement the aesthetics of your dental practice.

- Easy to Clean: Clamps can be easily sterilized between patients to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

- Secure hold: Prevent displacement of the bib during procedures for an enhanced patient experience.
- Reinforced Hygiene: With the ability to sterilize the forceps between uses, you ensure hygienic practice.
- Exceptional durability: Invest in a tool designed to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
- Patient Comfort: Adjusted chain length avoids discomfort while effectively protecting the patient's clothing.
- Enhanced Customer Experience: Show your commitment to professionalism and cleanliness with these elegant clips.

Our Dental Bib Clips (Towel Holders) are the perfect addition to your arsenal of professional tools for applying dental rhinestones. Combining functionality, style and hygiene, they ensure that every session runs smoothly for both practitioner and patient. Make every toth gem application a hassle-free experience with our reliable and stylish pliers.

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Pourquoi choisir les strass dentaire Swarovski ?

Qualité supérieure : Fabriqués par Swarovski, ces strass garantissent une brillance et une clarté inégalées.

Sécurité des matériaux : Les strass sont exempts de nickel et de tout autre produit dangereux, assurant ainsi une utilisation sans risque dans le milieu buccal.

Adhérence renforcée : Le miroir à l'arrière des strass est plus costaud que celui d'autres marques, ce qui évite le décollement du strass de son support et garantit une tenue longue durée.

Traçabilité et authenticité : Chaque paquet de strass est fourni avec un numéro de lot Swarovski, assurant la traçabilité et évitant les contrefaçons.

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