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Improve your precision when applying tooth gems with our pack of 100 high-quality Microbrushes. Specially designed for demanding professionals, these single-use microbrushes enable precise, hygienic application of adhesive to rhinestones, ensuring optimum attachment to the tooth. Thanks to their ultra-thin tips, these microbrushes are perfect for working with great precision, even in the tightest spaces.


- Quantity: 100 microbrushes per pack, guaranteeing a sustainable supply.

- Ultra-fine tip: Allows precise adhesive application and clean-up (if necessary) without waste.

- Single use: Ensures maximum hygiene for every teeth gem application.

- Flexibility: Brush head can be adjusted to desired angle for ease of use.

- Compatibility: Ideal for use with a wide range of dental adhesives.

- Increased precision: The fine tip of microbrushes gives you total control over adhesive application, reducing errors and the need for corrections.
- Optimal hygiene: With single-use microbrushes, you minimize the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
- Time-saving: The ease of use and precision of microbrushes speeds up the teeth gems application process, enabling you to treat more clients efficiently.
- Cost savings: The 100-piece pack offers excellent value for money, reducing the need for frequent orders.
- Customer satisfaction: Ensure impeccable aesthetic results thanks to the precision these microbrushes offer when applying dental rhinestones.

Our pack of 100 Microbrushes is the essential tool for all cosmetic dental professionals looking to improve their rhinestone application technique. Guarantee sparkling smiles with unrivalled precision and hygiene by incorporating these top-quality microbrushes into your professional equipment.It seems that the documents available do not contain any specific information about “Microbrush (100pcs)” for dental rhinestone application. However, I will create a description based on general knowledge and best practice.

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