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Ma formation strass

Nourishing Collagen Moisturizing Aftercare Mask (5pcs)

Nourishing Collagen Moisturizing Aftercare Mask (5pcs)

Enhance your customers' smiles far beyond dental rhinestones with our Nourishing Collagen Moisturizing Lip Care Mask. Designed to rehydrate, nourish and soothe lips after aesthetic procedures, this luxurious mask is the perfect addition to your service offering. Enriched with collagen and moisturizing natural ingredients, it leaves lips soft, plump and radiant, perfectly complementing the shine of your clients' new dental rhinestones.


- Key ingredients: Collagen, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Rose Hip Oil for deep hydration and lip repair.

- Post-Procedure Care: Specially formulated to soothe and nourish lips after dental rhinestones.

- Easy application: Gel mask for effortless application and optimal nutrient penetration.

- Convenient packaging: each mask is individually wrapped for maximum hygiene and ease of use.

- Suitable for all skin types: Gentle formula for even the most sensitive skin.

-Can be stored in the fridge.

- Intensive Hydration: Rehydrates and revitalizes dry or damaged lips, leaving them feeling soft and supple.
- Nourishing Effect: Nutrient-rich ingredients work together to deeply nourish and improve overall lip health.
- Complementary Care: Offer your customers a complete dental beauty experience by caring not only for their smile, but also for their lips.
- Visible results: Smoother, plumper and healthier lips, perfectly complementing the application of dental rhinestones.
- Simple, hygienic use: Easy application and individual packaging guarantee a clean, pleasant care experience.

Our Nourishing Collagen Moisturizing Mask is the ultimate lip care for your customers after dental rhinestone application. Enriched with nourishing and restorative ingredients, it offers deep hydration, leaving lips soft, smooth and ready for an even brighter smile. Incorporate this luxurious treatment into your service for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Pourquoi choisir les strass dentaire Swarovski ?

Qualité supérieure : Fabriqués par Swarovski, ces strass garantissent une brillance et une clarté inégalées.

Sécurité des matériaux : Les strass sont exempts de nickel et de tout autre produit dangereux, assurant ainsi une utilisation sans risque dans le milieu buccal.

Adhérence renforcée : Le miroir à l'arrière des strass est plus costaud que celui d'autres marques, ce qui évite le décollement du strass de son support et garantit une tenue longue durée.

Traçabilité et authenticité : Chaque paquet de strass est fourni avec un numéro de lot Swarovski, assurant la traçabilité et évitant les contrefaçons.

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